Lovin' That Straight Dick

Photo of Lovin' That Straight Dick
Photo of Lovin' That Straight Dick

When we had the opportunity to meet Jack Bailey, the stars were aligned, because Matt Moss just happened to be free for a day and in need of some extracurricular activity. It wasn't until I got them both on a bed together that I realized what a great pair they were. Both of them were extra smiley and chatty that day, and Jack in particular was oozing with excitement knowing he was about to be pounded down by Matt. It was so obvious, and cute. Matt knew it too, and I think that it gave him just the ego boost that he needed. Whatever it was, when the camera started rolling these two were tearing away at each other. The results were hot as fuck.

They made out for a long time and then began dick sucking. After getting each other rock hard, they moved into a 69, and each of them were pleasing and being pleased by the other. They both look great, but they sure look even better twisted into a frenzied cock sucking position. At one point, with Jac still sucking him, Mmatt moved his finger down to Jack's hole to get it ready. Well - Jack certainly loved that! What Jack loved even more was Matt's cock.

Once Matt began fucking Jack, it was off to the races. They fucked in several positions, and at one point Matt was fucking Jack so hard that he about ran out of breath. Jack's hole got all stretched and used, and Matt seemed to be enjoying himself all the while. Jack came while Matt fucked him, and Matt stuck a load deep inside Jack. After Matt pulled out for the last time, a stream of jizz rolled out of Jack's hole. Fantastic scene, and Jack sure felt like the lucky one at the end of it!

Categories: *I Knew He Was Gay*, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cums Getting Fucked, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing
Details: 33 min
Photo of Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey
Photo of Matt Moss
Matt Moss

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