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Coaching A Sexy New Top
Clay, Jack Andram, Matt Moss
Coaching A Sexy New Top
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After I had met Matt Moss, I couldn't really stay away from him for long. He has simply an amazing body and an even better attitude. He's very no nonsense, and eager to please. He's really one of the few young guys I meet that I couldn't wait to see top, because I had a hunch that he might be super sexy fucking another guy. Most straight guys who are excellent tops (Hugh Depp comes to mind), it's really quite a surprise. Matt Moss, however, kind of oozes sensuality, and there wasn't a lot of guess work here. Jack happened to be hanging out at my house for a week doing a whole lot of nothing, so I invited Matt down. I was in luck that he was able to swing a quick trip, and soon after he arrived, we got down to business. Although he seemed more nervous about the prospect of fucking a dude than he had seemed a few weeks earlier before getting his virgin ass pounded, I assured him that everything would work out just fine. Sure enough, it did!

We began with some kissing and cock sucking. Jack sucked off Matt at first, but then Matt took Jack's cock in his mouth and got him really turned on. By the time everyone had been fiddling around a while, Matt was more than enough worked up to get into Jack's hole. Jack got onto his back and offered up his ass to Matt, who quickly took advantage of a warm hole right in front of him. I also took advantage of the situation, too, quickly shoving my cock into Jack's mouth. There's nothing more appropriate for a young skinny whore than to be spitroasted. It simultaneously puts a guy in his place, and let's you know how you really feel about him. So while Jack was munching on my pole, Matt was getting used to the feeling of a dude's hole.

He must have liked it, because Matt was rock hard. Soon, Jack was on his knees, still sucking on my cock, but also coming up for air (and moans) a lot more. It seemed like Jack's hole might have been a bit blown out from staying with me for a week. That said, although Jack might have had a blown out hole, it was all the better for Matt. I'm sure it added a degree or two to the oven down there, and Matt got the job done. To my pleasant surprise, after Matt was done with Jack's hole, he got me and Jack off in a fairly interesting manner. After giving us double handjobs for a bit, he sucked my to completion, and then we snowballed. Now that was definitely an extra special cherry on top!
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