Euro Jock Goes Gay For Casting

Photo of Euro Jock Goes Gay For Casting
Photo of Euro Jock Goes Gay For Casting

When I got an email from Mike responding to my online ad, I was excited to say the least. Although he didn't remember it, I had chatted with him a year prior, and at that point he wanted nothing to do with gay sex on camera. I suppose a year living in South Beach mellowed him out a bit. Mike is from Italy, and he has a sexy accent, in addition to a nice jock body. It's nicely tanned, too.

I told him I could fit him in on a weekday morning for an audition and photo shoot, and he was eager to get started. It seemed like he was late on some bills. He lives in a high rent area, so his sever job probably doesn't cover the lifestyle he wants to lead. Fair enough. I figured that as long as he'd be good to go, I'd try to help him out.

I did some photos, and he was a little tense but overall in a jovial mood. He kept talking about how nervous he was about doing gay stuff, but he kept a smile on his face. He got hard quickly as well. That was a good sign! After the photos, I started the video camera and asked him a few questions. He didn't always understand exactly what I was asking due to the language barrier, but he did undress down to his undies and I could see that he was hard underneath. I sat down in front of him with the camera, and when I reached out for his dick, it seemed like he held his breath for a moment and stopped breathing. But he let me stroke him and he seemed to enjoy it somewhat. He actually got off rather quickly.

When I whipped my dick out of my pants he began to backtrack, asking if he really had to do anything else. When I insisted, he grabbed my dick and began jerking me off. He was wondering if I was going to cum, and where. I couldn't tell whether he was thinking more about how much money he could make doing gay porn or whether I'd try to cum in his mouth. He asked that I didn't but he still went down on me.

After only about a minute of sucking my dick he told me that he had had enough, and I asked him to continue a while longer. I told him I was gonna bust a nut before we were finished. I really wanted to shove my face in between his cheeks, and so I asked him to get on his knees. When my tongue hit is hole, he protested again that this wasn't what we had agreed to. I love these straight guys who whine so much. They'll suck your dick and shove their ass up onto your tongue, but that have to bitch and moan about it the whole time. Well, long story short, I busted a load all over his chest. He looked mortified, and I believe it was at this point that he realized all that he'd be dealing with if he wanted to be gay4pay.

I didn't really care too much about what he was thinking, though. I got this Euro jock to suck my cock and let me eat him out, so that was good enough for me.

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Details: 34 min
Photo of Mike Moretti
Mike Moretti

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