First Time Fondled

Photo of First Time Fondled
Photo of First Time Fondled

Cole Church is definitely my reward for something I must have done right recently. When he pulled up in his pickup truck, I knew that he was legit. He has a history of military service, and it shows. He also likes sizing people up. Well, I guess after a few hours I must have passed his test, because he didn't clock me when I grabbed his cock during his audition solo!

This scene is wonderful on so many levels, and not just because Cole is one of the most stunningly handsome guys I've gotten to lay my lecherous hands on recently. What sets this apart is the absolute genuine "straight baitness" of it all. Cole is the person who would be voted least likely ever to touch another dude in a sexual way. . . and yet it happens.

I had prepped him beforehand on the way the porn biz works, and all of the money he could make doing various things. He was so insistent, however, on doing only what turned him on - I thought it might be a lost cause. I suppose, though, the wheels started turning in his mind, and the fact that he was recently unemployed and he needed to move to a new place helped greatly. I did a photoset, pushed his boundaries a little, and then when I started videoing him, he seemed fairly at ease. I had been complimenting him incessantly up until that point, but unlike a lot of guys I photo and film, I meant every word of it. The praise and compliments helped A LOT. He has a great face, perfect lean build, and a cock any porn director would be happy to have swinging around on set. I didn't compliment him on his asshole out-loud, but when I got a glimpse of it I almost started drooling.

Well, long story short, I whipped out my cock while I was filming him jerk off. Please watch this video straight through, and pay attention to every detail of his facial expressions and eye movements. He was trying so hard not to look at my dick, even though he heard me pull my zipper down. He knew exactly what was going on. And at time he closed his eyes and sighed, as if he might be in a dream he could easily wake up from. And yet, his cock was rock hard. So there's that. In addition, as I pushed him further and further, he put up no resistance. Before long we were jerking each other. I even got a chance to rub my spit-moistened finger around his hole, and work it in a little bit. Other than cumming, that was the highlight of my day.

Cole cums first, as I'm getting him off. And he cums buckets, seriously. Not long thereafter he turned his attention to getting me off, and I'd say it was only a matter of minutes. He seemed relieved and almost happy at the end, before he caught himself and intentionally wiped the smile off of his face. Then he was all back to his former self. He's going to be a tough one to crack, but I think there are already some kinks in his armor, so I have a lot of hope that this won't be the first and only time he gets fondled.

Categories: *Creeper Casting*, Ass Play / Fingering, Daddy / Younger, First Time Gay, Gay 4 Pay, Massage, Photo Shoot, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink
Details: 45 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Cole Church
Cole Church

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