21 & Full Of Cum

Photo of 21 & Full Of Cum
Photo of 21 & Full Of Cum

Jack Simmons and I chatted for a while before I actually met him in person. He works and he takes classes, so he is a very busy guy. I was lucky to get him for 24 hours, although I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Jack is blond with clear green eyes, sort of boy next door looking. He lives with his girlfriend, and he hadn't done any porn outside of some camming before. I mean, that is more than most guys, I suppose. When I picked him up, however, I realized that he was going to be one cool guy to be hanging around. I didn't realize until I got him naked, though, that he is a sex-crazed hornball with a massive cock!

After shooting some photos, I was pretty confident that I was going to be able to have some fun with him. After all, he was hard before he even touched himself! As he took his underwear off, out popped a big dick just waiting for some fun to happen. I couldn't just let him jerk himself off, that would have been a shame. So, I saddled up next to him and had a feel for myself. His dick was throbbing, and he was very receptive. One thing led to another, and sure enough I had my face buried in his ass within minutes! Damn, he had a nice hole, too. If I could have, I would have just eaten him out for hours. I did want to see, however, if Jack liked my cock, so I asked him to suck me off. I could tell instantly that there was some part of him that was cock-hungry, because he treated my dick like a trophy. He licked, sucked, and kissed it, and I let him get to know it for a long time. He must have been happy playing with my pole, too, because his boner got even harder, and was throbbing even more.

With all the signs pointing in the right direction, I lifted his legs and lubed up. As my cock went in, his own dick just stood right at attention, and as I loosened up his hole and picked up the pace, his demeanor changed from curious young man to cum whore. He loved it. I was happy to see that, because I was loving it, too! I pounding this guy down, and he was enjoying every second of it right up until I jerked him off while my dick was balls deep inside of him. This was one very satisfying fuck. I wish all 21 year old dudes were as content getting dicked down as Jack was!

Categories: *Creeper Casting*, Ass Play / Fingering, ATM (Ass to Mouth), Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Whore, Daddy / Younger, Private Encounter, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink
Details: 35 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Jack Simmons
Jack Simmons

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