Sometimes You Just Need A Hole

Photo of Sometimes You Just Need A Hole
Photo of Sometimes You Just Need A Hole

I filmed this clip of me breeding Mark Santana after he had been spending a few weeks with me. I don't usually let guys stay that long, but he had a rough situation family-wise, and he conned me into thinking that he really needed some dough in order to get his own place, etc... How did this happen, you may wonder? Well, I usually see right through the sob stories. Most of the guys (almost all of the gay4pay guys) have great, well rehearsed sob stories. Well, I did toss him a good amount of work, and I was also hoping that he would learn a little English since he was hanging out with not a lot else to do. Did I fuck him? Sure, but to tell you the truth, after he colored his hair and got some awful tattoos I was pretty much over it. It didn't help that every dime he made was spent on game consoles, a watch, and other assorted non-essential bullshit.

So, I told him I wanted him to go, but at that point he was broke (!) so I tossed him a benjie to breed him one last time before he went. It felt good, almost like a grudge fuck. I was happy knowing that he felt guilty about it, too. It made every pulse and throb of my cock feel even that much better. Looking back, it was probably the best of all the times I creampied that 18 year old hole.

Categories: *Daddy Cam*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Rimming, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink
Details: 26 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Mark Santana
Mark Santana

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