Teen Cherry Pound Down

Photo of Teen Cherry Pound Down
Photo of Teen Cherry Pound Down

I talked to Rip off and on for month before I actually met him. At the time, I was pretty busy and having a hard time setting up dates, but Rip was extremely persistent. Finally, when Ethan Brandt was over, some time opened up and I thought it might be good to have Rip over. Rip was super eager to get into the biz to do scenes with women, and frankly I wasn't sure if he'd be down for anything involving another guy. I told him that I'd do some photos, he could jerk off, and we'd go from there. Well, Rip is a fairly astute 18 year old, and before I had even turned the camera on, he offered that he would be down for anything but sucking cock. I was stunned. I asked him, "even getting fucked?" Rip replied, "Sure, as long as I don't have a dick in my mouth." Well, with those boundaries set, it made my job a lot easier. Often, I don't know how far I can go with some of these guys. I think it helped that Ethan was there, too. When I turned the camera on and began taking some photos, I realized that Rip hadn't had the most exciting sexual experiences in his life. Doing it in a car, getting a handjob in the classroom from some random girl... stuff like that.

Ethan began massaging Rip's shoulders on the bed, and I started rubbing on his dick. With a littlr encouragement, Rip (in spite of being nervous) began to get stiff. I did too! Being on the bed with a teenage cherry right there, ripe for the picking - Now that's an old creeper's dream. I unzipped my cock and gently moved his hand over to it. He grasped on and began tugging at me. It felt amazing. Finally, I had him move over to the edge of the bed to take a look at his hole. It sure did look unused. I took a lick, and then began tongue fucking him. Rip loved it. Soon enough, I was prying that asshole open with my cock.

I went slow at first, and Rip winced a bit. That said, when I also began stroking his cock, it got solid as a piece of iron, and I began fucking him deeper and faster. Soon, I was slamming his virgin hole, and he was in ecstasy. I even saw his eyes roll back into his head once or twice. This was obviously a guy who liked getting rammed, even if he didn't know it yet. Before long, we were both on the bed and I was fucking him as hard and deep as I could. I bred his teenage hole, and even after I pulled out, cum kept gushing from my cock. It was one hot fuck. Rip must have liked it to, because he was smiling and happy as a lark by the end of it.

You have to fully watch the entire conversation at the beginning of this video, because Rip's stories are something else. He is a real yarn-spinner. I think we will be seeing more of Rip as he continues to broaden his horizons.

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Details: 37 min
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