All He Wanted Was Some Dick

Photo of All He Wanted Was Some Dick
Photo of All He Wanted Was Some Dick

This fuck was a somewhat unexpected and pleasant surprise. I had just met JC, and in fact I filmed him for the site fucking Calvin Michaels. JC is a straight guy who had never done anal before, and I was pretty sure of that by the way he fucked Calvin's ass like it was a pussy. He also presented himself as quite dominant and in control. Although a little bit off the rails, which he explained away as girlfriend troubles, I liked him and thought that he would be a nice big dick anytime I needed an aggressive guy to fuck some twinks. One day, though, I was driving him to get a bite to eat and he asked if he and I could do something together. I knew right then and there that curiosity had gotten the best of him. All he wanted was some dick, and he sure as hell wasn't gonna get it from someone much smaller and younger. Needless to say, I had my dick in his ass less than an hour later.

He loved being rimmed, which was hot, and he actually did a great job giving head. There's nothing better than a curious guy giving it his all. Although I'm not the most aggressively dominant guy out there, I tried to give it to him at least in small part the way he gives it, including skull fucking him. While he was with his back on the bed and his head hanging over the side, I was shoving my cock as far down his throat as I could, and there he was with a massive boner, stroking it in pleasure. Well, who would have thought?

Even better, when I had rimmed him a lot and finally gotten him loosened up, I shoved my dick in him. He was still hard and jerking. I began fucking him hard, and this guy blew a massive wad! A little earlier than I had hoped, but in a way it was too hot for words. I kept fucking him of course, but not as fast and deep as I had been. This guy loved every inch of my daddy cock. What a great afternoon delight.

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Details: 18 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of JC Lowes
JC Lowes

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