Fuck Gape Point And Shoot

Photo of Fuck Gape Point And Shoot
Photo of Fuck Gape Point And Shoot

I'd met Derek a few times before, and he had definitely gotten some experiences with other guys, but he had never fucked a guy up the ass before. Since I was in town, I gave Derek a call and asked if he wanted to have a crack at Link's ass. He knew link and had a good chemistry with him, so I thought the fucking should be good. Link's ass is like butter, so for a first timer I didn't think there'd be anyone better to stick dick into. Turns out I was correct. After sucking each other's dicks, Link spread his legs and Derek got a great first time fuck.

I love watching link get fucked almost as much as I like fucking him myself. This guy can take a dick, and better yet, he seems to like it a lot. Link's big cock was rock hard while he was getting plowed. I couldn't resist helping him finish off. As Derek pounded away at his hole, Link shot a massive load all over his nice tanned bod. Once Link had cum, I asked Derek to shoot onto Link's hole from a distance. Derek has one of the best long-distance cumshots I've witnessed, and I wanted to see him hit the bull's eye. Sure enough, right on queue Derek shot several huge squirts more than a yard right onto Link's blown out red asshole. Quite a feat after a hot first time top for this straight guy.

Categories: *I Knew He Was Gay*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Cum on Ass, Cums Getting Fucked, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Hand Job, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait
Details: 25 min
Photo of Derek
Photo of Link

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