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Photo of Suburban Teen Converted
Photo of Suburban Teen Converted

Times get tough real quick when mommy and daddy turn off that credit card. Boys from the suburbs get excited about finally moving out of the nest; they and some friends find a cheap house to rent in the city. A few months later, one of the roomies has already ditched them, they have a few other unexpected expenses, and they learn that a weekend evening on the town can easily set them back a hundred bucks. Next thing they know, they hate their job working at the local juice shop, and they miss having their parent's car to borrow. They begin looking online for a cougar with money, but it doesn't take them too long to figure out that middle aged hot women with money don't exist, or if they do exist, they don't want to fuck and feed some wannabe frat boy whose idea of a good time is having their 21 year old friend to buy them a bottle and then play video games all night. When mom or dad finally cut off the credit card for good, somewhat hoping that the young man will come to his senses, he has hit the suburban teen equivalent of rock bottom. All that privilege doesn't really get you too far in the real world.

This is the point at which guys like me come into their lives. Of course, I have to be a bit lucky and find them at exactly the right moment in their lives. Somewhat open-minded, good looking, cash-strapped teenagers are not a dime a dozen. But if the money is right and you can shmooze them just the right way, it works on occassion. The first step is to act like you're doing them the favor. Act like you are really too busy to waste your time with them, but express a genuine interest in their well-being. Be prepared for a lot of last minute back-outs. Most importantly, always play down the gay aspect of it with the straight boys. Tell them how much you like pussy, too. Hint that you might just have a hot chick who wants to do a threeway. After you've fed them the line, you just have to wait for them to take the bait. If all goes well, the hottie will be down on your dick within a few weeks. This usually occurs on a Tuesday. The weekend drained all of his money, and Monday he was too hung over to think about it. But on Tuesday he realizes that he needs that rent money, pronto.

It was a real treat breaking in this new whore. He has exactly the type of fit young body I like, and surprisingly, he he isn't a bad cocksucker. He loves having his ass eaten out, too, which is a major plus. I mean, I would have eaten him out anyway, but hearing those moans of pleasure is always nice. He wasn't too put off by some light making out, and he let me cum on his tight straight teen asshole. So all in all, this was a top notch hookup. Guys like these usually don't last too long, because they come to their senses and begin living within their means shortly after having a guy their dad's age treat them like a slut. But sometimes they come around again and again. Time will tell!

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Details: 24 min
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