Rejected, Looking For A New Daddy

Photo of Rejected, Looking For A New Daddy
Photo of Rejected, Looking For A New Daddy

I had met Ethan just under nine months ago, but after our first encounter, he went totally AWOL for the longest time. I wasn't too bothered, this happens frequently. Neither was I surprised when he got back in touch. They come and they go, right? Well, when we re-met, Ethan sure was wanting to make a good impression. He showed up wearing some real spiffy duds, and his politeness level had jumped about 200%. I couldn't tell whether something was up, or whether I had just caught him on a bad day the first time around.

Well, needless to say, we had a good session. This hot straight jock sure knows all the right moves! After a nice massage, we moved on to some oral satisfaction. Ethan loves kissing and licking around my dick before he finally goes down on it. It feels great! Then when he does put my cock in his mouth, he really goes to town. Throat fucking him definitely was amazing. Then I moved on to his young stud hole.

It was as if he were a virgin again, even though I knew he wasn't. Ethan must not have been getting any dicks up the love canal lately. Maybe he took time off completely from his 'profession,' and it wasn't just me? Or maybe I was the only one.... I wouldn't know because I don't ask a lot of questions. What I DO know, however, is that his ass made my bare dick feel amazing. After getting him loose, I was able to fuck him pretty damn hard, too. I could tell by the end of it he was beginning to get sore, but I was gonna get my money's worth, come hell or high water. Being nice and polite doesn't obviate one's duties. I was satisfied when I did cum in his ass. The feeling of all that warm cum exploding on into his ass, then covering my cock in a beautiful slick sensation - that's what Saturday afternoons are for!

It turns out, as I found out afterward, that Ethan had been kicked out of his house and lost his job as a result. I do feel for him a bit, being rejected by his own kin. But, I dunno, if he's looking for a new Daddy, he's gonna have to keep looking, because I might have a few Benjies and an hour a week for a guy, but that's as far as my generosity extends. Too many whores to deal with!

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Details: 37 min
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Ethan Brandt

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