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Ray Kamden
WEIGHT:155 lbs
About him
Ray’s ad reminded me a lot of Noel’s ad, and they are both from the same neighborhood, so I gave him a shot. Unlike Noel, he was more suspect about my intentions and not on board with dude-on-dude action. After upping my initial rate quote for very minimal gay activity, he tentatively agreed. When he showed up he was carrying a firearm, which although isn’t a first, I was comfortable in my opinion that he probably shouldn’t be carrying one. At any rate, he left the pistol on the dining room table and thus began our work. Although he has a much better body, it turns out that he wasn’t at DTF as Noel, which was a pity. Maybe one of these days, though, huh?
Model Type
Blond / Light Hair, Bubble Butt, Smooth, Straight, Tattoos, Twink / Teen
Ray Kamden appears in this scene
Teen Skater Learns Some New Tricks