Teen Squeals Getting Porked

Photo of Teen Squeals Getting Porked
Photo of Teen Squeals Getting Porked

Unlike a lot of 18 year olds these days, Robby actually has a day job. That never stops him from hustling on the side, however. Not only does he have a great work ethic, but he seems to enjoy his work (a lot!). All the better, because when I see him he is awfully cheerful and full of energy. This night I was fortunate enough to grab out little session on camera, too.

He's pretty good at massages, but frankly he probably needed one more than I did. At any rate, it's nice having that kind of personal attention. And his massages come with way more than a happy ending, too. After he had worked on my back with his tiny hands, I rolled over so that he could work on my shaft with his silky teen mouth. It was so great - if I would have cum down his throat right then and there, I still would have considered it a good night. But lucky me, I got to go a lot further. When he rolled over and offered up his sweet pink hole, I dove in face first. Robby tastes good - so good. His hole is tight too, so much so that it's surprising he isn't a virgin. Maybe he just has great muscle control. Whatever the reason, my tongue - and my cock - are grateful.

When I stood up and slid my dick inside of him, his face lit up. It didn't take long to get up to full speed, and I'll tell you what: the looks on his face are so priceless it's difficult to describe. Pleasure, delight, awe. I've never in my life met a teenager who liked cock in his butt as much as him. I'm lucky that I get to tap it as often as I do, too. He not only loves it, but he can take a pounding like no other. I was laying into him like a sledgehammer into a brick wall, and he still wanted more. It's somewhat common to meet a young guy with a daddy complex, and it's fairly common to meet a guy who can get slam fucked without mercy, but it's difficult to find a guy who has both qualities. He definitely earns my respect (and more than just that). After I bred his ass we laid on the bed together for a while. I was catching my breath, but Robby was probably enjoying the cum dripping out of his hole. What a great boy fuck.

Categories: *Daddy Cam*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Whore, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Kissing, Massage, Older Fucks Younger, Private Encounter, Teen / Twink
Details: 39 min
Photo of Robby Aspen
Robby Aspen

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