Fast Cash

Photo of Fast Cash
Photo of Fast Cash

Aiden Talley is a 21 year old former service member who has fallen on hard times. I could tell when I was chatting with him that he didn't have much to his name, and he pretty much begged me to audition. He was interested in girls. OK, so when it comes to straight guys, there are lots of reasons one might want to do porn: horniness, wanting to impress friends, financial reasons, etc... The financial reasons guys can be in one of two categories, and those are a) wanting a steady job that they enjoy and that is fun, and b) fast cash. Aiden is definitely the fast cash sort of guy, and he wasn't shy about that. Well, he certainly got some fast cash, but he also got his virgin hole popped by a guy his dad's age.

After a few photos just to calm his nerves a bit, I moved in and began rubbing on him. He had a hard on, and that hard on continued pretty much the whole time. Closeted? Maybe. Or maybe he just doesn't get a lot. Hard to go on dates when your mode of transportation is a bicycle. To tell you the truth, I wasn't very impressed or excited until I saw that hole of his. It was a beauty. Perfectly pink, very smooth, and obviously untouched. I couldn't wait to get in there, and I was fairly sure that I would. I pulled my cock out and put it a few inches in front of his face. He went for it and was soon sucking cock like he was born for it. It was an amazing blowjob, actually. That made me very excited to fuck him. However, I did eat him out a long time before I stuck it in. I loved it. It tasted amazing, and I knew that his hole would need some priming before the pumping started.

It was not an easy deflowering, but I did finally get some fucking action in. He was squirming and certainly not liking it. He was staring at the ceiling while I was eating him out, and when I was poking his hole, he alternated from cringing and ceiling-staring. That boner of his didn't go away, though. I knew he could nut, and when I slowed down he began to stroke it, but didn't cum. I shoved the head of my cock back into his hole and grabbed his head and started making out. He came ten seconds later. Interesting. Well, he had a nice nut, but I knew that his hole was too wrecked for me to fuck him much longer, so I had him go ass to mouth and bring me to a finish. Like a trooper, he sucked me off until I spurted my jizz into his mouth. He certainly didn't look like he liked the taste, but I will tell you what: it felt amazing. He got his fast cash and I got another virgin hole. Fair trade, I'd say.

Categories: *Creeper Casting*, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Cum in Mouth, Cums Getting Fucked, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Photo Shoot, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink, Virgin Cherry Pop
Details: 41 min
Photo of Aiden Talley
Aiden Talley
Photo of Clay

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