Boys Will Be Toys

Photo of Boys Will Be Toys
Photo of Boys Will Be Toys

Boys will certainly be toys, at least when we're all in a hotel room together. This time, two of my favorite boy toys, Memphis Rhodes and Taylor Brooks, show me just how fun they can be in this three way bareback romp. After taking a nice good look at each of their pretty assholes, we start out kissing and sucking. It's hard to tell whom I prefer - Memphis or Taylor. They both have mouths that feel great, and they both suck dick with such passion! I guess I'd call it a tie, but the only thing better is when they are both taking care of my cock at the same time. As they pass my cock from one of their mouths back to the other, my eyes are literally rolling into the back of my head from all the pleasure.

Soon enough, Taylor is eating Memphis out while he is still working on my knob. I trust Taylor to get Memphis's hot ass ready for my cock. Taylor, though, gets to be eaten out, too - by me - and within a few seconds of tasting his hole my cock is being worked in to his tiny, tight boy pussy. He feels amazing, and Memphis blows him while I am fucking him. Soon, however, I need to try Memphis out, so I shove my dick into him as Taylor and I spitroast him. I fuck him good and hard, and Memphis is moaning loudly. All the while, he is sucking on Taylor's cock. Taylor and I trade places before Memphis continues blowing me. It's hard to believe that Memphis's jaw doesn't get tired. In fact, his BJ gets even better. Soon I explode into his mouth, and all of my warm white jizz is dripping off of his tongue. The boys get off, too, and we call it a day. But what a fun day it was! I just love the boys who love to be toys.

Categories: *Teen Fucktoy Project*, Bareback, Cum in Mouth, Cum on Ass, Spitroast, Teen / Twink, Threesome / 3-Way
Details: 30 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Memphis Rhodes
Memphis Rhodes
Photo of Taylor Brooks
Taylor Brooks

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