Wigger Breeding

Photo of Wigger Breeding
Photo of Wigger Breeding

My favorite thing about wiggers is how they are always hustling for money, but never have any. This sure does make it easy to get them to be your friend for an hour , though. And these guys will be as nasty as you want them to be - they just think about that cash. The funniest thing is that their minds are set almost completely on improving their (temporary) social standing via sharing photos on social media. The second they have some dough in their hands, they are snap chatting wads of twenties and bottles of Crown. Or if they hit the jackpot, it's new sneakers and maybe a nice speaker. And the result? The next day they are broke, ready to give up their sweet tight asses all over again.

For better or worse, Patrick is just like the rest of the pack. The difference is that he actually has a bit of a sweet side. I can't vouch for after he leaves my place, but at least some relative taught him some manners at some point in his life. This particular afternoon I wanted to bust a nut up some fine ass, and Patrick was more than happy to head over to my place, via a ride share that I had paid for. I love shoving my face in that bubble butt, and digging my tongue deep into his hole. What a nice cunt this guy has! When it comes to teen asses, Patrick definitely has one of the best. After I tossed his salad real good, he blew me and we got into a 69. His blowjob skills aren't half bad, and truthfully, one of these days I might just have him come over and swallow my load. But this particular day I was eager to get into his hole.

Patrick has definitely got a tight one. I don't think he's bright enough to go around soliciting more friends, so he basically has me to fuck him. That's more than fine as far as I'm concerned! He rides me at first to loosen up, and then I pound him down until I've deposited a load of warm creamy sperm deep up his love canal. With that all finished, Patrick got up and left. He was probably eager to hop on Instagram or something.

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Details: 32 min
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Photo of Patrick Gentry
Patrick Gentry

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