Daddy's Cum Rag

Photo of Daddy's Cum Rag
Photo of Daddy's Cum Rag

One of my recent finds recently moved a little further away, in order to get a job. Whereas it used to be fairly easy to see him, now we have to meet up at a hotel in between. Thankfully his schedule allowed us to meet up recently, and I was able to get everything set up beforehand. I recorded an awesome suck, and his first time sucking dick. It was interesting, because even though we have messed around before, for some reason it felt like the first time. He seemed legit nervous, and I undressed him and began rubbing on him to make him feel a little more comfortable. Turns out, his nerves didn't go away until his mouth was going to town on my cock. I guess he had been thinking a lot about it and wasn't relaxed until it actually happened. For a first timer, he was stellar. I could get blowjobs from this teen every day of the week and still come back for more!

His hole, of course, is a thing of beauty. I sincerely mean that. It has the smoothness and pinkness of a virtually untouched hole, and it feels as good to rim him as to fuck him. Better yet, he's completely submissive once the fucking begins. In fact (and I thought this was cute), he just let me move him any which way and go as hard as I like. One new thing this time was his vocalizations. I'm assuming he's been watching more porn lately now that he has his own place, and while he was getting fucked he was moaning and groaning just like a girl. It was actually very hot. Especially since I know that he's not normally feminine at all. I dunno, there was just something about it. Since he was being such a sub, I figured that the best way for me to dump a load in him would be to roll him on his stomach, put him in an arm hold, and just fuck him hard and deep until his ass was filled up with my jizz. Well, it didn't take that long since the feeling was so good! This guy is definitely on the way to becoming one of my favorite cum rags.

Categories: *Daddy Cam*, 18 / 19, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Teen / Twink
Details: 30 min
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