Leaning Into Sluthood

Photo of Leaning Into Sluthood
Photo of Leaning Into Sluthood

Colton Masters and I had been chatting for a few weeks before I made time to give him a casting session. In the meanwhile, he was always texting and very eager to get started. A student, his excuse was that he needed money for tuition. I admit, this is a much more laudable reason than most who pass through my door. To boot, I believed him. When we met in person for the first time, I was stunned, not only that he showed up, but that he was such a likeable guy. And in terms of first impressions - off the charts. Colton is oozing sexiness at the same time as a kind of boy-next-door charm, and it's a good look. When I began snapping some photos of him and his clothes began to drop to the floor, I knew I was going to have one fun time, but I didn't realize what an amazing fuck Colton would be.

Colton was obviously nervous, with a few too many smiles and giggles, but thankfully those nerves worked in his favor. This boy was eager to do a good job. Even though he just turned 18, he definitely has a more mature, athletic body, and he didn't seem to be shy being naked in front of a practical stranger. My first move was to put my grubby hands on his shoulders for a little rub down, and he didn't seem to mind. When I played with his ass cheeks, he seemed as comfortable as a teenagers can be when an old fart is rubbing all over him. So, I decided to quickly get to the next level, and I whipped my dick out. I tell you - it was like a fly to a flystrip. He instantly swallowed my cock and spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes enjoying it. I was a little stunned, because usually the younger generation tired out after 8 minutes of dick sucking. Not Colton, though. This guy is committed to sucking dick, even if he doesn't quite know it yet!

That muscular ass needed some attention, and as much as I could have let Colton blow me all afternoon (it was that good!), I wanted to fuck him. I tongued his hole, which was tight and tasty. He loved that, too. I had him sit on my face a bit longer while he stroked his hard dick. Then, I had him slide on down my lubed up cock. Well, from there is was just pure madness. Colton's ass can definitely take a beating, and I gave it to him good. The harder and faster I fucked him, the more he seemed to like it. It was surely a dream come true. Not every day do you meet a college freshman jock fratboy who's favorite thing in life is getting dicked down good and hard. The icing on the cake is when he came, which was shortly after I whispered a question in his ear: "Do you like being daddy's little teenage slut?" That dirty talk made him cum, but I wasn't finished yet. Even though his hole had been fucked raw, I took a few more minutes before I let me juices into his tight bubble butt. He's a mild mannered guy on the streets, but Colton is definitely leaning hard into sluthood.

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Details: 6 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Colton Masters
Colton Masters

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