Teen Rentboy Project

Photo of Teen Rentboy Project
Photo of Teen Rentboy Project

Tristan Sweet and Jared Marzdon are both sexy, horny young guys. What differentiates them is that they have a wild fuse, that if correctly lit, will make them explode with sexual energy. I knew this about Tristan beforehand, but Jared was the big surprise here. Both of the guys live near me, and both were for sale. Jared, however, was the unknown quantity. I knew he identified as straight, and this was before he started whoring himself out to websites. I figured that having Tristan along for the ride might help - he'd probably reluctantly give some head and grudgingly take dick up the ass. Tristan is definitely good at helping me groom some of the newbies because of his positive carefree attitude. However, almost the exact opposite occurred: Jared's enthusiasm for dick got Tristan all the more worked up!

I'm not going to write a play by play of the entire hour of sweaty raw sex, but suffice to say, it was the hottest time I've ever had with two call boys. Whether they are closet uphill gardeners, or just very adept at acting like it, is none of my concern. They fucked each other, I fucked both of them, and no one seemed to be able to get enough. Both of these guys came while I fucked them, and they even fucked each other. Jared, in particular, got into making out, and he seemed to relish each new homo act like a gamer trying out the latest version of a game. Although Tristan got fucked a lot harder (Jared's ass when this was filmed was really tight), I decided to dump my load inside Jared. I wanted to seed that whore so bad, and once I had done so, I wiped his cum off of his stomach and snowballed him. With an ass full of cum and his own salty jizz dripping down his chin, Jared smiles at the camera, seemingly proud that he was not only able to keep up, but to outshine Tristan.

It's always good to try to enable the competitive nature that is inherent in young men. Both of these guys outdid themselves trying to please me, and each other, and themselves. It definitely worked out for this old geezer!

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Details: 62 min
Photo of Jared Marzdon
Jared Marzdon
Photo of Tristan Sweet
Tristan Sweet

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