Ass Walloping Good

Photo of Ass Walloping Good
Photo of Ass Walloping Good

Wade Breedlove is a slutty bottom who really gets off on being pounded. Danny Shine was excited to finally get his chance. After all, we'd been passing Wade around the house that week. By the time he got to Danny, his ass temperature was probably ten degrees above normal from all the dicking-down he'd been receiving. Danny loved it. He put Wade through the paces or skull fucking first, and then ate him out and fingered his hungry little hole. After that, it was all pounding. Danny gave Wade a good ass walloping before he finally dropped a very nice load on that blown out cunt. Still hard, Danny shoved it right back in and kept going. Watch wade pillow-bite and scream and moan his way though this hot fucking!

Categories: *Clay's Spank Bank*, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Cum on Ass, Fucking, Kissing, Rimming, Teen / Twink
Details: 14 min
Photo of Danny Shine
Danny Shine
Photo of Wade Breedlove
Wade Breedlove

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