Homeless #3 - Scott "O"

Photo of Homeless #3 - Scott "O"
Photo of Homeless #3 - Scott "O"

Scott is a great guy, and he was quite interested in getting into porn. He was pretty adamant about not touching another dude, etc. I had him over anyways, and he jerked off on my bed. He has nice hairy legs, a very handsome face, and a nice lean bod. His tats aren't too bad, either. His cock, well - it's great. I usually don't leave a guy to his own devices while he is stroking it, but I thought I'd leave the room and see what kind of footage I'd get. Well, it was great. He was very at ease - watching porn and applying lube, stroking his cock with the greatest pleasure.

When he came, it was tremendous. Scott's entire body shook with great fervor, and he let loose a lot of jizz. He sure was relieved after he came, and he even let me tast his cum. I wiped some off of his athletic belly and put it in my mouth. I told him it tasted good. It was funny to see his reaction. Enjoy Scott's big show!

Categories: *Clay's Spank Bank*, Solo
Details: 23 min
Photo of Scott O
Scott O

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