Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole

Photo of Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole
Photo of Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole

When I met Thomas, he had answered an ad I put online for guys. He sent me some really sharp photos that were not only professionally produced, but were from an adult company. So, I thought to myself, this guy is a total faker. I asked him to send me some pics that were taken himself on his phone, and he sent a few, but I was still skeptical. He informed me that he had done some jerk off vids and a straight porn, and that he needed the dough so he was down to do more. Well, I gave him the address and we set a time, but he never showed. He stopped returning texts, too. So, I gave it a few days and tried again. Sometimes you have to just let the hunger sit in their belly. I called him, and he answered. He explained that his car broke down, his phone died yada yada yada. I told him I'd pick him up. He asked me to meet him at the mall in front of a sporting goods store. Already thinking he was a faker, I was probably more sketched out than he was. He said he'd be wearing a black shirt.

I got to the mall on time, and drove past where he said he'd be. There was a not-very-good-looking guy in a black shirt sitting outside the store on a bench. "Great," I thought. So, I drove to the other side of the parking lot, but where I could still see him, and rang his phone. The fug picked up his phone! But, luckily, it wasn't him, just a real coincidence. Sure enough, there was Thomas walking out the door. We had a nice ride back to my pad, where I explained that to start off I wanted to see if he could really do "gay stuff." He swore up and down that he was straight but had never been with another guy before, and had turned down some pretty sweet offers of doing guy on guy porn vids. I believed him. I also believed that he was a bit of a nut. A nut, however, with an incredible ass!

I told him I just wanted him to get comfortable with something up his ass, and I pulled out a dildo. I didn't exactly imply that the dildo would be the only thing going in his ass, but when I shoved my tongue into his young jock hole, I think he was a bit surprised. He seemed to like it though, and he let me eat him out for minutes. We tried the dildo, and I pulled my dick out. He was there naked on the bed with his legs in the air and a dildo up his ass. He looked at my cock and I moved his hand onto it. From there on out, it was easy sailing. He let me stick my dick in him, and after a little bit more loosened up, I fucked him. I laid out a huge nut on his ass, too! Well, when we were done I flattered him on his looks, and he was all smiles. You might call me a total fucking creep, but these fuckers actually thank me once I'm done barebacking their holes! So there's that. He even told me a few days later he wasn't going to do any bottom scenes with anyone, because the only person he wanted fucking him was me. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige.

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Details: 51 min
Photo of Thomas Penn
Thomas Penn

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