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Noel Worth
WEIGHT:145 lbs
About him
I rarely hit up guys in an unsolicited fashion, but Noel’s Internet advert piqued my curiosity. He was eager to provide services to the ladies. Now, I don’t know about you, but most of the adult population knows that most women can get whatever they want, whenever they want for free. But, hey, a cute 19 year old straight guy can dream, can’t he? Noel’s ad clearly stated: “No Guys. Women Only.” So upon reading this, I immediately text him and asked him what was up with his ad. What was his motivation? Did he need money? It turns out he did need money, so I offered him a legal job that included some guy on guy action. He admitted to me that I wasn’t the first male to contact him, but that he hadn’t gone through with anything. He also let me know that the extent of his performance would be getting serviced. I took the bait, because having met hundreds of guys just like him, I knew that before long I’d have my dick up his ass.

When I drove to pick him up the morning of his first “servicing” scene, it was apparent why he needed the money. While I waited outside in the car for him to finish getting ready in his small and extremely modest house, which he shared with his dad, I saw a street walking lady less than a half block away. She was wearing high heels - at 10am in the morning! Well, at least now I know where to look that early if I ever get the urge!

When we actually met in person, I just loved Noel. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. I do believe he i genuinely straight, but he is such a people pleaser that his entire attitude just makes him that much better of a gay4pay performer.
Model Type
Smooth, Straight, Twink / Teen
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