Str8 Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix

Photo of Str8 Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix
Photo of Str8 Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix

It's no secret that Noel is one of my favorite raunchy bastards. He is so pleasant and helpful, and I try to see him as often as I can. Hell, one time after I fucked him he offered to help install a bathroom fixture I still had in the box on the counter. Now THAT'S service! No handy man services were needed this particular afternoon, I just needed to get a nut and Noel had another unique and pressing time sensitive request: He needed money to buy him and some girl tickets to a concert over at the amphitheater.

When he texted me about this, I had only been seeing him for a few weeks, so he wasn't very experienced still at this whole thing. He wasn't a virgin, but as close as one can get. And his nerves sure as hell hadn't calmed down about it, either. Noel is the kind of guy who talks more and faster the more nervous he is. Well, he was talking so much when he came over this particular afternoon that I thought I'd never get to fuck him! I left the whole conversation (one-sided conversation, that is) in the vid so you can see how sessions typically go, if you haven't experienced this for yourself. Either the hooker doesn't talk much at all and is all about business, or the guy talks your arm off before you can so much as get his shirt off. The former type of guy is seasoned and the latter is usually a newbie. Well, I finally eased Noel into a mutual massage, and then transitioned quickly from there into some bareback action.

I love sticking my dick bareback into straight teen hole, but Noel's ass is one of the best. It's just the right amount of tight! And even though he never gets hard, being straight and all, he is still very affectionate. He surprised me during this fuck because as I was plowing him he became a bit verbal, and then he wrapped his arm around my neck and began making out while I was plowing his little hole! That was a nice surprise, and it made me bust that much faster - right into his ass. I had really been wanting to creampie this guy, and when I did, it was perfect. I was really very happy with this visit from Noel. Noel was happy, too, since he got to see the concert with his girl!

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Details: 44 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Noel Worth
Noel Worth

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