Percy Likes It

Photo of Percy Likes It
Photo of Percy Likes It

I knew that it wouldn't be too difficult to convert Percy over into a full-blown boyhole lover. After all, with an ass like Matthew Thomas has, who wouldn't want to fuck it? Percy and Matthew had been getting along quite well, and I was eager to see what Percy could do when left to his own devices. Well, turns out that for a straight boy, he is pretty darn creative! He fucks Matthew every which way and Matthew certainly has no complaints. In fact, Matthew loves Percy's big cock and his eye were rolling into the back of his head when Percy was pummeling him deep.

This energetic duo began with Matthew giving Percy a nice long BJ - the kind that gets your cock swelling until it feels like it will burst. Matthew couldn't get enough of Percy's cock, and he really did make love to it with his mouth. Percy returned the favor by eating out Matthew's (extremely tight) hole. Now, most straight boys aren't too into eating ass, but when Percy commits to something, he really puts in his all. And he sure did seem to love shoving his tongue as far deep into Matthew's pink hole as he could. Still, Percy's tongue was no preparation for his big thick cock.

Matthew, however, took it like a champ, and he was loving every fucking second of getting fucked by Percy. In fact, once Percy had had his way with him in doggie, on his stomach, riding and reverse riding, and generally just pinning him down, Percy rolled Matthew onto his back. It was then that Matthew let out a massive load while he was getting fucked. He sure did get off good! Percy then dumps a big, thick, creamy load into Matthew's eagerly awaiting mouth, and he makes sure to wipe in the few globs that missed and began streaming down Matthew's cheeks. Hot couple in some hot action!

Categories: *I Knew He Was Gay*, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cums Getting Fucked, Facial, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Rimming, Teen / Twink
Details: 29 min
Photo of Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Photo of Percy Johnson
Percy Johnson

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