Teen Ass Play And Colossal Load

Photo of Teen Ass Play And Colossal Load
Photo of Teen Ass Play And Colossal Load

Several weeks after meeting Zeph online, I finally got the chance to meet him in person, and I was eager to get into his pants. Zeph is a tall, slim 18 year old, with long hair that at times drapes over his face. He puts me in the mind of a skater type. However, Zeph is really more of a gamer, and he also seems to have accumulated quite an array of fetishes and sexual interests for such a young age. When he and I discussed guy-on-guy sex, he said that even though he was straight, it was all something to explore. I liked his attitude for sure. The only problem was getting his ass loosened up enough to really get into the fun stuff. On top of that, he was quite nervous. Having flown across the country, and in totally new surroundings, he definitely seemed a bit shell shocked. I decided to enlist Taylor Brooks to help me put Zeph at ease, while getting him accustomed to cock and ass play.

Well, needless to say, we had a lot of fun. Both Taylor and I jerked off Zeph. This guy has an impressive cock! Before his pants were off, he was sporting a raging boner, and his pre-cum was streaming like a river. It seems his nerves weren't too frazzled to be horny. I took that as a cue to move forward fairly quickly, and soon enough Zeph had a small toy up his ass, and soon thereafter, a thick dildo.

His hole is pretty, tight, and pink - just the way an 18 year old's asshole should look. We loved seeing Zeph get used to it, and Zeph stayed hard and kept pre-cumming as well. He also didn't have a problem when I whipped out my cock and put his hand on it. This guy has silk hands, and even though he had never touched another guy's cock before, he sure does have skills!

I asked Zeph if he could cum while Taylor was jerking him, and before long he came - all the while jerking my cock and shoving a dildo in and out of his hole! Well, I can barely describe his cumshot. It was a long, explosive load. He kept cumming and cumming. It was unreal, and I don't remember seeing anything quite like it before. If for nothing else, this video is worth a watch just for Zeph's orgasm. When he was finished, he was completely covered in semen, and some of it went onto the bed and onto me, as well. Still drenched, Zeph got me off like a good little boy, and we were all done with the evening's experiment. I would say that it was a success!

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Details: 31 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Taylor Brooks
Taylor Brooks
Photo of Zeph

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