Welcome To The Party

Photo of Welcome To The Party
Photo of Welcome To The Party

It's interesting, becuase TJ Hughes and Jack Bailey couldn't be more different, but when the three of us got together it was one of the most spectacular fuck fests I've been a part of. I'd met both of them before, and I sure do like each of them, but I wasn't expecting what was about to go down when I suggested a threesome. It was definitely fireworks.

It lasted so long and there was so much going on, it's difficult to give a succinct play-by-play. Both of these guys have great bodies and are very attractive, but I think the key is their sex drive - in particular TJ. Both Jack and TJ got fucked (good, I might add) and we tried out about every position possible in just under an hour - with plenty of rimming throughout, as well as fingering, ass to mouth, and even felching. I got a sense that to TJ this was all a normal Friday night's fun, while Jack - well, TJ was bringing out the wilder side of him.

TJ ended up getting bred by both me and Jack, and at that point we called it a night. But, hot damn! What a night. The pure sexual energy of these two bastards really did live up to what TJ said right at the beginning, before we had started: "Welcome to the party!"

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Jack Bailey
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TJ Hughes

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