Beatin' Up That Boy Cunt

Photo of Beatin' Up That Boy Cunt
Photo of Beatin' Up That Boy Cunt

After the first time I met Logan Briggs, I knew that he was a decent bottom, but I was unsure of just how good he would be as a top. A lot of these gay4pay guys might like something up their butt, but they aren't necessarily into pounding ass. Well, I think Dallas Ari did the trick by getting Logan in the mood, because Logan fucked the living daylights out of Dallas. In retrospect, I think that Dallas might just have that affect on about anyone. He is a total sex kitten, and he has a fine boy cunt - one of the best. It didn't take long for these two to jump into the fucking, either. Dallas sucked off Logan until he was hard, and then it was off to the races.

Jake was filming this, and I was impressed with the vibe he was able to set - not only did Logan do a great job at pounding out Dallas, but when it came to the jizz, you'd think both of these dudes were total cum whores. Dallas cums in Logan's mouth, and then Logan snowballs it back into his. After that, what does Logan do? He goes right back to fucking, making Dallas ride his cock. It is really hot to see Dallas riding Logan while there's still jizz dripping off of his chin, too! Logan cums in and around Dallas's hole, and then Dallas licks every last bit off of Logan's cock, and he snowballs it back into Logan's mouth. So, two snowballs and a lot of hard fucking. Just the kind of thing you'd expect from a straight guy and his bi scene partner, right?

Categories: *I Knew He Was Gay*, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Cum Whore
Details: 27 min
Photo of Dallas Ari
Dallas Ari
Photo of Logan Briggs
Logan Briggs

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