Angel Needs An Investor

Photo of Angel Needs An Investor
Photo of Angel Needs An Investor

I was very excited to meet Evan. He's definitely a sexy motherfucker, and he knows it. He likes ink, and seems to be on a mission to be covered in it, but it comes across on his skin as quite artistic. In fact, he fashions himself an artist. When I first met him, in fact, he rambled on at length about his musical endeavors. He needed an investor, of sorts, to help him further his career. Well, as most of you know, I just love a young lad with hopes and dreams, and I was all in. Of course, I was worried that my little investment might get diverted to more pressing and recreational needs, but - Hey! - at least I'd get to crack open his sexy little fuck hole.

When we entered my bedroom he was visibly nervous, but not in exactly the same way most are. Although he was friendly and polite enough, he just had this look of dread as if he'd rather be anywhere else in the world. I thought a massage might calm him down a bit, so I had him get naked and rubbed my hands across his wonderfully smooth skin. That did not take the edge off, but at that point, I was thinking "Fuck it," after all, if he wants me to play along with his pipe dreams he should at least act interested in me fulfilling mine. So I began kissing him, figuring he would hate that more than getting fucked. I guess I was sort of wrong, because he actually responded rather nicely to that, and in fact developed quite an erection. But he soon slid back into the same state of mind. The look on his face was that of someone who was terrified but trying not to show it. Despite whatever was going on inside, his BJ was decent enough. I couldn't wait to get into that ass.

He had been insistent on having something to loosen up with, so I had a dildo with me, and we started with that. I don't do toys with my boys very often, so it was actually kinda fun for me, but after a while I decided to get in there with my tongue. I rimmed this bitch's ass good, too. It tasted sweet, and his hole was so smooth. He began by riding me, but before long I had him pinned down on his back giving it to him as deeply as reasonable without hurting him. He was biting on the sheets for sure, but I know he wouldn't quit because he needed that investment pretty badly. That seemed to work in terms of totally getting him loose, and I was able to fuck him proper and breed his straight boy virgin hole. He remained with a chub the entire time, but not really a full hard-on. I'm not sure how big the disconnect was between the physical sensation and what was going on in his head, but I think that in the end, since he fashions himself a future star, he won't be seeking out a lot of investors like me because he sees himself above that. That's fine by me, though: I already planted my seed up his cunt.

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Details: 37 min
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Evan Black

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