Str8 Jock Wanted: No Brains Required

Photo of Str8 Jock Wanted: No Brains Required
Photo of Str8 Jock Wanted: No Brains Required

Carter Michaels is a hot jock whom I ran across online a while ago, and I was fortunate enough to crack open his virgin ass and get him started into porn. When we chatted online and later texted, he explained how eager he was to be pounding bitches on camera. Luckily for me, he was hot as fuck and only lived a few miles away. He was so entranced by the prospect of being a big-time porn stud that he was very eager to come over so I could snap some photos and do a face to face "interview." When he showed up looking better than his photos, I was already scheming how to get my dick in his ass, but when I found out how broke he was, I realized that it probably wouldn't be that difficult.

After taking some photos, I had him down to his underwear. He was all smiles and practically giddy at the prospect of fucking some beat whore on camera, as well as the couple hundred bucks that would come with it. So, when I asked him to get naked and get his dick hard, he eagerly did so. Carter has a nice cock, and I'm sure that he would be able to please anyone with it. When I started creeping on him, though, his smile faded somewhat. I caressed his balls and grabbed his dick, and although he let me do it, he didn't seem too pleased. So, I told him that he could make a ridiculous amount of money doing gay stuff. He believed me pretty much instantly, which surprised me. Then again, he didn't seem to have many pots in the kitchen. I then told him that I'd like to do a practice session to make sure that he "could do it." With that, I whipped out my dick and he hesitantly put it in his mouth.

I'll tell you what, his lips felt great wrapped around my dick. What felt even better, though, was when I started rubbing his hole while he was blowing me. There's nothing like a tall young stud pleasuring you orally right before you crack open his cunt. When I ate him out, he even seemed to enjoy it. Trust me, I tongued his hole real good before I lubed up my dick and started working it in. By the time my bare cock was halfway into his hole, he had been loosened up enough to not cause too much of a fuss.

Well, needless to say, from that point on, he was a trooper. I fucked him good, and passionately. He got into kissing while he was getting defiled, too. He even was able to ride my cock fairly well. I kept increasing the pace and depth of the pounding until I could tell that his poor butthole had had enough, and then I told him to blow me until I nutted. He did just that, probably thinking about his future paychecks the whole time. He even let me nut in his mouth. Since all of this was a freebie, I was surprised that he even smiled and thanked me while my nut was still dripping down his chin. I suppose brains don't run in his family. But fortunately, he's got that perfect look. It's a good combination for a creeper like me to run across. And he actually did wind up doing porn- go figure!

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Details: 46 min
Photo of Carter Michaels
Carter Michaels

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