Gym Rat Dips On GF For Some DL Seed

Photo of Gym Rat Dips On GF For Some DL Seed
Photo of Gym Rat Dips On GF For Some DL Seed

After I propositioned Ash McCoy, it took me a while to get him. He even wanted to have lunch first, so that we could meet in a public place. I don't usually go that out of my way for a piece of ass, but since he lives literally four miles away, I thought it would be nice to have someone close by for those emergencies when i needed to get a nut. Ash moved down from Appalachia, and he was living at the time with a slightly older girlfriend and her daughter. He is a total gym rat, and it seems like his most pressing concern is steroids. Must be nice - he doesn't have a lot of other needs since he has a day job and what seems like a pretty stable living situation.

I could tell that he definitely was also somewhat of a thrill seeker and a kinky freak in the sheets. For a straight dude, he had a rather non-plussed attitude about anal sex. And - as I found out - he almost treated getting fucked like he would doing bench presses: some pain for some gain. In his case the gain is obviously cash. Also, he has a bit of training experience, so he is pretty verbal when he is getting fucked, and it's all kind of encouragement, like when you're spotting another bro at the gym.

Once I got him back to my place, I had him give me a nice massage. He has strong hands, and I think it helped put him at ease, as well. Then I had him blow me. Not too shabby for a straight dude. He sucked cock well, but I could tell that he was going through the motions a bit, just wanting to get it over with. I didn't mind, either, because I liked his ass a lot and I was eager to dump a load of sperm up his butt.

We tried out several positions, and what I really liked about Ash was that after a minute or two, he basically just let me pound him without complaining or asking me to slow down. Of course, it was a little difficult holding his legs in place because they are strong, and of course he was unintentionally fighting it a little. But at the end, I definitely got some groove going.

As I was fucking him just before I came, he starting very loudly telling me what a big dick I had, and started saying "Come on, come on!" Now, normally I would interpret that as "Just get this the fuck over with," but the way he was grunting and taking it like a champ just made me more ready to cum than being annoyed. So I did breed this gym rat, and it felt fantastic. Nothing like a DL 21 year old who is dipping out on his girlfriend in order to let you nut in his hole!

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Details: 24 min
Photo of Ash McCoy
Ash McCoy
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