Golden Boy Gives It Up For Daddy

Photo of Golden Boy Gives It Up For Daddy
Photo of Golden Boy Gives It Up For Daddy

This Thanksgiving I'm grateful for boy whores like Ryan Boorder. His face is angelic, his body smooth, and his cunt is a cornucopia of delights: it tastes of manna and envelops a cock like the finest silk. Ryan was a tricky one, because he's cute and he knows it. However, we all have our Achilles heel, and after about 9 months I finally found his. I had actually known him somewhat well since the first time we met. After his 18th birthday, he immediately put up an ad to do porn videos, and lucky for me, he didn't live too far away. Of course, I had to get him with a chick first, and he even rebuffed doing a solo. But, a few trips for wings and a lot of talk about big bucks wore down his resistance to the point that it was lower than his curiosity. As a matter of fact, only late in the game did he admit, in front of both me and some other gay4payers, that he had sometime done private webcam shows and made private videos for certain discreet Internet predators. To my knowledge, however, he had done nothing in "real life" with another guy. I think when it comes down to it, he might simply be interested in butt play, like so many other straight guys. Then again, maybe he's just too concerned to come out of the closet. Time will tell. In the meantime, however, he put out big time for me, and that made this old creeper the happiest man in the sleaze business.

Ryan was a high school wrestler, and also did some swimming and group sports. It's funny, too, because it wasn't until I had my cock in his hole that I realized just how damn strong his legs are. Maybe because of his blond hair and boyish looks, I had this incorrect assumption that he was sort of weak. Not true. This smooth stud is all muscle down there. If he ever becomes a power bottom, he'll give a hell of a ride, that's for sure! So anyway, the point of this little session was basically to loosen up his hole and get him to cum with a toy in his ass. Me creeping on him and even me sticking my dick in him weren't necessarily part of the plan, but once I saw him naked I couldn't help myself. Not only did I play grabby-grab with his nice teenage cock, I ate him out real good. I managed to get my tongue so far up his hole that I'm pretty sure he felt it in his throat. And after all was said and done, he managed to bust a huge load while his hole was stretched beyond anything that had been up there before.

This Ryan is a golden boy, for sure. And now that I know he puts out, all the better. Not only that, but he does it with pleasure. Enjoy!

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Details: 47 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Ryan Boorder
Ryan Boorder

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