Rough Trade Needs A Few Roses

Photo of Rough Trade Needs A Few Roses
Photo of Rough Trade Needs A Few Roses

The first time I met Adam (via text), he had been trolling the Internet looking for a few "roses." However, he wasn't so sure about how to do it, and he was nervous. Thus, it took a few months and a few more interactions via text in order to actually get him over. When I did meet him in person finally, I was really impressed at how polite he was - definitely on his best behavior. That said, he still had an edge about him. Trade for sure, but he seemed more than eager to make that money. It was difficult for us to negotiate what to to, and I was looking to just get him hooked on the benefits or swinging by.

He hesitatingly let me eat his ass, and this was arranged in advance. I had given him a massage first, and that relaxed him a bit. However, after I had my tongue in his hole, he was hard as a rock. Of course, that got me excited too. He stayed hard the rest of the session, until he came. After tossing his salad, I got him off while he was cradled in my arms. I really like that position for new straight guys. It's such a submissive posture, but it also gives you a good grip on the guy's cock while at the same time letting him feel your throbber on his back. Anyways, he nutted and then turned his attention to getting me off.

Still shy, all I could get from him on this first encounter was a handy. I would have liked more, but to tell you the truth it's one of those things that in reality is better than it sounds. I thoroughly enjoyed his hand stroking my cock for such a long period, and knowing that here was a straight guy pleasing me - even in this fashion - was hot. I nutted a boatload, and he had most of my cum dripping down his lubed up hand. It was a great orgasm. He and I both laughed and smiled before he left with his roses, and I got him hooked to an extent. I definitely saw him again.

Categories: *Daddy Cam*, Daddy / Younger, Gay 4 Pay, Hand Job, Massage, Private Encounter, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait
Details: 25 min
Photo of Adam Lee
Adam Lee
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