Going One More Round With Rocky

Photo of Going One More Round With Rocky
Photo of Going One More Round With Rocky

Rocky Tate continues to be one of my personal all time man-crushes. Not because he is so fit and a great lay, but because he's an all around great guy to hang out with. Kind of the ultimate friend with benefits. In fact, he's one of the few guys I haven't minded hanging out for weeks on end. Right before this scene was filmed, we even went on a camping trip. It was fun grilling, hiking, shooting, and singing songs by the campfire. Aside from the campfire burns and mosquito bites, Rocky made it out of the wilderness in pretty good shape, haha.

Just for shits and giggles, I suggested we film a casting scene on our return. This was pretty much just because I wanted to get him bred one more time on camera. Although he has done some work not only for me, but for another studio, I tried to ask some probing questions in order to delve into his mindset around porn. Being a simple guy, I didn't get a lot of deep thoughts out of him, but it's an interesting conversation nonetheless. And then of course I let him do his thing, which is basically being the best boy whore ever. Sure, I could have had him fucking some twink instead, but I like being inside him, and I also like pissing off those dipwads who enjoy bitching about an old out-of-shape creep ruining their precious fantasies. They can all go fuck themselves. At the end of the day, it's my seed inside my boy, and that's all that really matters. Also, I feel like it really showcases Rocky's skills as a sex worker. Anyone can fuck a 20 year old blond and make it look good, but it takes a lot more to enjoy some creep's dick and get a nut while he's rubbing all over you.

Anyways, the scene is hot because Rocky is hot, and he sure seems to love my dick in him. I'm sure that there's definitely a couple more rounds to go with this hottie.

Categories: *Creeper Casting*, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, Gay 4 Pay, Older Fucks Younger, Rimming
Details: 39 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Rocky Tate
Rocky Tate

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