Str8 Boys & Daddy BB Fuck Party

Photo of Str8 Boys & Daddy BB Fuck Party
Photo of Str8 Boys & Daddy BB Fuck Party

Me and some of the boys were chilling that afternoon, and I floated the idea with them of doing a big bareback fuck fest. They all needed some cash flow, so they were of course down. Or should I say, they needed an excuse to get some dick? Ha! At any rate, Kip, Patrick and Toby were on my bed and undressing before I could even get everything set up to film it. They were laughing and joshing around with each other, having a good old time. I think it's funny how the mood changed from bored to excited once the prospect of having a male/male anal sex was on the horizon. At any rate, I was excited, too!

Then out came the laptop in order to look up some vids with chicks in it. Now, I've fucked so many supposedly straight guys over the years that I've come to accept the fact that they usually want to have some titty porn on in the background to "help them get hard." At first it kind of irked me, but nowadays I just think that, "Hey, it's a little crutch, the only one they have left that allows them a semblance of being a 'normal' straight dude in front of their peers." Well, that's all fine and dandy as long as it isn't too loud. The last thing I wanna hear is some bitch moaning while she's getting plowed. It's really a put-on for themselves, but also the other "straight guys" in the room. I know this because when I fuck them one-on-one they get hard and bust no problem, without the pussy spreading on the laptop or smartphone.

Having three good looking young men in front of me inspired a lot of different positions, and they were all happy to oblige. First, Kip and Patrick did a 69, with Toby stepping in on the action. Then I had Kip fuck Toby. I got some good closeups of him sticking his raw dick into Toby's tight hole. Trust me, it is tight. As much as this guy has been fucked, you'd think it would be loose as a goose, but somehow it always springs back into form. Patrick's cock was harder than I'd ever seen it before from all that cocksucking, and little did he know at that point that it was predestined for him to be the bitch for the afternoon. Well, him and Toby both, I guess. I asked Kip to fuck Patrick, and he started fucking him, but I stepped in for a minute myself because Patrick has a great hole and I couldn't resist. Soon enough Patrick was getting fucked by Kip, blown by Toby, and was sucking my cock all at the same time. Talk about an ADHD trigger! It was so fucking hot, though, seeing him just enveloped by other dudes. I fucked him some more and he stayed rock hard throughout, but I kinda felt bad for him, so I told Toby he should sit on Patrick's cock, since it was so engorged. Toby rode Patrick really well while sucking of Kip, and then Kip fucked Patrick some more until he came. (He came buckets!) Kip nutted on Toby's ass, and then Toby dropped a load into Kip's mouth. Kip acted like he didn't like it that much, but I know better. The reason all these guys busted such big loads is because what gay guy wouldn't bust like that with all the bareback fucking going on?

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Details: 47 min
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Photo of Kip Owen
Kip Owen
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Patrick Gentry
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Toby Springs

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