Fun With Two Cheap Whores

Photo of Fun With Two Cheap Whores
Photo of Fun With Two Cheap Whores

It's always fun to mess around with a new young slut, but getting the chance to explore two new guys at once is a real treat! They were both nervous as can be, but they each tried to hide it. It was cute. The nerves melted away (a bit) once the clothes came off and various dicks were firmly inside various mouths. I had an amazing time getting dome, rimming these two young men's fine holes, and sticking my dick in them. They also had a good time with each other. Matthew Thomas is the obvious cum whore, and he began showing off his skills right away with his silk-like cock sucking. Percy Johnson, on the other hand, gave a great try as well.

Percy and I tried to fuck Matthew, but he was so damn tight we didn't get much action. Then, when my cock finally slid in through his sphincter, Matthew instantly came buckets. I mean, it was a gusher! Although I would have liked to fuck him more, I did enjoy the fact that he was so sensitive to a thick cock. With Matthew spent from his mega-load, I turned my attention to Percy. He had never had a dick inside of him, but I didn't know that at the time. Since he wa so gung-ho I just figured he had messed around before. Regardless, I enjoyed his hole very much. If I would have known this was a cherry pop I might have been gentler, but as it was, I railed his hole with no mercy, and bred him like a little bitch. It was great time with two wonderful budding whores!

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Details: 38 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Photo of Percy Johnson
Percy Johnson

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