Regular Whores Out Teen Co-Worker

Photo of Regular Whores Out Teen Co-Worker
Photo of Regular Whores Out Teen Co-Worker

One of my regulars and I had a regularly scheduled appointment, and I got a room to make it more convenient. Last minute he texted me and asked if he could bring a friend that he worked with. You see, even rentboys sometimes have day jobs. When he told me that, though, I was actually surprised that he worked anywhere. I guess I had never asked. I usually just have one on one sessions, and i wasn't so sure about the idea. He told me the guy was a highschooler who was on the football team, and needed money to fix up his truck. Well, the first thing that went through my head was how the fuck did that conversation come about? I guess when these guys roll one up, they'll talk about just about anything! The world sure has changed since I was their age. The second thing that popped into my mind was that this guy was gonna be a train wreck. When I think high school football players, I think slightly chubby and very pimply. So in my head I had a vision of some dumb hick with a jacked up piece of shit truck, a small dick, and even smaller brain.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the motel door. My regular was standing there with a fucking Adonis. Seriously one of the best looking dudes I've had the opportunity to meet. I was really happy I had set up the cams, because for a while there I had been debating not doing it. The 18 year old stud was beautiful, but as nervous as a cat at a dog park. Nevertheless, he was keen to project a confident attitude, and he got naked real quick. I guess spending a lot of time in a locker room makes you less ashamed about stripping down like that. He said he'd never done anything with a guy except getting sucked off at a party once. I believed him. I'm surprised he didn't punch that guy.

We ended up having quite the fun little three way. Sexy had problems getting hard - I'm sure that was because of his nerves - so I told him to grab his phone and watch some porn. That helped a lot, and while he was watching some girl get banged, I was banging my regular. Soon enough, Stud Muffin was paying more attention to me fucking his co-worker than to his phone. Not only that he said he was gonna nut! I grabbed his cock and finished him off while I was barebacking the other one. I was a little disappointed that he came so soon, and I wanted to get the best value out of the encounter that I could, so I turned Varsity's attention to my cock. He jerked me off and then sucked on my dick. I was a bit taken aback that he did that without much of a fuss. It's great to know that not only is my dick the first that's ever been in his mouth, but I got it on camera, too! Ha! Well, after they had both cum I wanted to get off, and they were both rubbing on my cock and balls. I whispered into the new guy's ear that I'd toss him a little more if he'd take my load. Then since his face was so close, we started making out. Sure enough, when I was on the verge, he went right down on my cock and swallowed my load!

As they got dressed, I was sorry the encounter hadn't lasted like five more hours, but we all have things to do, and I certainly understand that. I did make sure to get Heisman's digits. This is one whore that I definitely don't want to lose track of!

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Details: 30 min
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