Jonesing Hustler Loses His Virginity

Photo of Jonesing Hustler Loses His Virginity
Photo of Jonesing Hustler Loses His Virginity

I had met Gibson in person once before. He had come over for a nice transactional afternoon, but at the last minute he got scared and left, leaving me alone with a hard cock. He was fairly freaked out about touching or sucking a cock. Fair enough, I had thought at the time. I still wanted to fuck his little virgin hole, but only time would tell.

It didn't take long for him to hit me back up, though. I suppose he had exhausted all of his resources, including his back-up resources. While chatting with him, he was very into a detailed negotiation about what would happen, and for how much, if he came back over. As hard I I tried, he wasn't going to budge on cock-sucking. This here is a straight guy with some very defined limits, let me tell you! At any rate, he tried to nickel and dime me about what each sexual activity was, and how long it would take for each. I told him - and we ended up agreeing upon - I would loosen him up with my tongue and fuck him until I came. He understood that if he wasn't going to give me a BJ, that I would probably fuck him a lot longer than I normally would. I also told him that it wasn't going to feel that great since it was his first time, but if he wanted to leave with a benjie, he needed to shut the fuck up and take it like a man. No stopping, no whining. Having reached our accord, I offered to get him a ride share. He told me that he had a ride, which didn't surprise me. The first time that he came over his dealer drove him, and was probably pissed off that he came back empty handed. I had a feeling this guy had a lot of debts.

I didn't feel bad taking his virginity and dumping a load of cum inside of his freshly deflowered hole. After all, anytime I can help someone get out of debt, I see it as a positive. . . a win-win.

I loved rimming his hole. He had just gotten out of the shower and was clean as a whistle. His cunt tasted good, and I couldn't wait to crack it open. When I did go in, I had him on his back, and I used a lot of lube. It took maybe 4 or 5 minutes until he was relaxed enough for me to pick up the pace, but when I did, it was sheer delight. After that initial position, he rode me (pretty damn well, actually), and then I flipped him over and fucked him hard until I had deposited a load of sperm deep inside him. He's not a heavy fellow, so it was easy to just manhandle him into just the right positions. Great fuck.

At any rate, he got what he wanted since he performed his end of the deal. And I'm assuming his "ride" got what he wanted, too. Two days later, he texted me asking if I was free. I was not. And after that, I never connected with him again. Of course that was only a few weeks ago. Either he is in rehab, jail, hospital, or worse; or maybe he just decided that being used as a human pocket pussy wasn't for him. But I kinda hope I get to use his hole again, it felt great.

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Details: 24 min
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Photo of Gibson

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