Turning Him Out

Photo of Turning Him Out
Photo of Turning Him Out

This is Danny's first scene, and it was filmed about 20 minutes after I first met him in person. We had only been chatting for a few days, and damn did this guy haggle over what he'd do and not do, and how much he would get paid. I could tell just by talking to him over the phone that he was a cool guy, though. It wasn't until I met him and saw him in action that I found out how Raunchy he really was, however. Danny had a limited amount of time to come over, but luckily Aleskei was hanging out with me that day. I asked Aleksei if he wanted to make some extra cash and he said, "sure!" Aleksei had never been fucked but he knew the day was coming soon.

When Aleksei met Danny, you could tell he was a bit intimidated. But he was also nervous about losing his ass cherry. It really shows in the vid just how jittery he is at first. Danny, on the other hand - despite it being his first time ever fucking a guy - was cool as a cucumber. He was at ease, smiling, and seemed to be in a great mood.

Once they were on the bed watching some porn and getting hard, I realized what a beautiful dick Danny has. This stud is gold. I grabbed my measuring tape just as a pretext for grabbing his dick, and he didn't seem to mind at all. I felt his balls, too. His sack is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Love 'em well groomed and hygenic!

Danny and Aleksei traded reluctant blowjobs. You can tell that although Danny had agreed to fucking another guy he was more reticent about having a dick in his mouth. As much as he didn't really want to suck Aleksei off, though, he was peeking at Aleksei's cock way more than any straight dude would. It's one thing to compare size, but come on! Not only that, but Danny was hard as a rock and fucked Aleksei good. He came to the point of orgasm just by fucking, and then quickly pulled out and came on Aleksie's chest. That is so gay... a real straight guy would have had to close his eyes and jerk off a little more before nutting like that. Ha! Busted!

Aleksei took it well for his first time, and he jerked himself off to cum. He seemed to want to steal the scene when he wiped his own cum up and tasted it. Kinda cute. He's gay too. He won't admit it to this day, but he liked it.

Categories: *I Knew He Was Gay*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait, Virgin Cherry Pop
Details: 27 min
Photo of Aleksei
Photo of Danny Luca
Danny Luca

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