Breeding Tristan

Photo of Breeding Tristan
Photo of Breeding Tristan

Tristan Sweet is quite a character. One day not long ago, he gave me a ring and told me that he and his girlfriend had moved. I asked where, and he told me that they were now in the same city I was in (as opposed to four hours away), but that they didn't have a place yet. It turns out they had packed all of their shit and driven down the night before, and they had spent the night in the car at a fast food parking lot. Well, needless to say he needed some help, which was perfect, because I needed to get laid that day. I told him to come over (by himself! lol).

Most of you know by now from seeing Tristan in action that he is quite the power bottom. It's hard for me to believe that he has a girlfriend actually, but I don't ask a lot of questions. Guys in his generation are quirky, to say the least. When I was 19 I suppose it was a different time. All I know is that Tristan loves getting rimmed and loves getting fucked - the harder and deeper the better!

Since he had slept in his car the night before I thought he might like a massage, so I gave him a nice one. I even massaged his feet and his head. He was very relaxed at that point, so I had him bend over and I made love with my tongue to that beautiful teenage asshole of his. I like rimming Tristan almost as much as I love fucking him! But I lingered rimming him for quite a while, and by that time I was ready to fuck the living daylights outta him.

His cunt feels so good. I banged away at it in multiple positions, and he was squealing like a pig. I even had to cover his mouth at one point so as not to bother the neighbors! But it was a great fuck, and he liked it, too. He was eager to cum while I was railing him, and as my cock was going in balls deep like a jackhammer, he spurted out a massive load. (I guess his girl can't do THAT to him!)

Now some guys after they cum don't want to get fucked anymore, but not Tristan, and that's one reason I like fucking him so much. He can get off and his hole is still receptive for more. So I kept fucking him until I was close, and then I bred his little teen bitch ass good. It's always nice to have a boy-slut in the neighborhood, and now I've got the best little whore in South Florida right around the corner!

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Details: 38 min
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Photo of Tristan Sweet
Tristan Sweet

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