Teen Boy Cunt Popped and Plugged

Photo of Teen Boy Cunt Popped and Plugged
Photo of Teen Boy Cunt Popped and Plugged

Leif is one of those guys who is like manna from heaven! Gideon had initially introduced me to him and his girl, and I filmed them together once. So, I had indeed already seen Leif naked, and with a hard cock, and cumming. After that experience I wanted to see a lot more of Leif! Long story short, they broke up and Leif ended up coming over with Gideon to chill out and experiment with gay sex.

Once the cameras were rolling, Leif said that he had always been curious about sex with guys but that he had never tried much. I was actually a little surprised to hear that said out loud, since he had never given any indication before that he was anything but straight. I wasn't sure if he was performing a role for the camera, or me, or whether he was finally deciding to tell the truth. After all, I knew he was gay the minute I met him.

Gideon got him naked and wasted no time in having him into doggie position, eating out his hole. To both of our surprise, Leif popped a raging boner, the kind you can't even bend just a little bit. Since I knew he liked the feeling of a tongue up his ass, I made up my mind that at some point that day I'd have my own tongue in there. In the meanwhile, Gideon munched away at his buddy's virgin hole.

This video is an hour long, and it is edited down. So that just goes to show you how much fun Gideon and I had with Leif. Fuck, I could have kept him there all day. We started out by loosening him up with a not so small dildo, while he was learning to suck cock with Gideon's dick. While he was working over his friend, I rubbed his tight hole with my lubed up fingers, and helped him with the dildo. He didn't need that much help to tell you the truth, but I'm a fucking disgusting pervert, and that's just what we do.

Gideon fucked Leif so good! I was very impressed, not only at Gideon, but at Leif, because he stayed rock hard the entire time he was getting pounded. And believe me, Leif was definitely getting pounded! After a few hot positions, Gideon laid his 18 year old conquest on his back in missionary, and I decided this was my chance. I whipped my cock out and shoved it in Leif's mouth. Although he definitely wasn't expecting it, he took to being spitroasted like a squirrel digs up an acorn.

Leif must have loved the sensation of getting slammed on one end and slurping on the other, because a few minutes later he shot a massive load all over himself. It's at that point I told him I wanted to cum in his ass and felch my own cum out. I'd never felched an 18 year old before, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity. I didn't want to fuck him, since he had gotten pounded pretty hard already (and it WAS his first time), so I just got myself close then shoved the head of my cock in his pretty little asshole. I jizzed inside of him, and then slurped it all out again. That was one of the hottest fucking things I have ever done. If you haven't felched an 18 year older who has just lost his cherry, you should try it.

Just because I like turning normal guys into cum whores, I asked Gideon to cum in Leif's mouth. I was a bit surprised Leif didn't put up a fuss. Either he was being polite and just wanted to get paid and leave, or he saw the entire afternoon as one big experiment. Who knows? At any rate, Gideon busted a load right into Leif's mouth, and sprayed some extra spurts around his face and armpits. Ever the good sport, Leif displayed a huge smile. Definitely one of the highlights of the year for me and Gideon both. And we never told his ex-girlfriend.

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