Boy Hole 4Eva

Photo of Boy Hole 4Eva
Photo of Boy Hole 4Eva

This scene is from my first time meeting Dakota Lovell. He doesn't live far from me, and since I had Mikey Allens chilling at my pad, I asked Dakota if he was free, and I got him an Uber. We hadn't chatted too much until that day, but he was eager to make some dough, and having just turned 18 a few months prior, he was also eager to explore his sexuality. Specifically, he was eager to get pounded down like a bitch in heat. You see, Dakota had been a virgin up until this past year, and only had experience with one other guy, so I think he was very much interested in seeing what kind of fun he could have with others. Lucky him, he got a double treat that day! Also, lucky me, because we caught him at a very receptive - and horny - moment.

I began undressing Dakota, who was nervous as hell. The nerves faded away as Mikey stuck his dick in Dakota's mouth, and from there on out, it was a helluva fun time. Mikey and I both got some great head: Dakota love cock and it shows. While Dakota was working on Mikey's tool, I took a chance to eat out his boy hole. It was fresh! Mikey, who had never eaten out a guy, got in on the action, too, and by the time we were finished with rimming Dakota's ass, his jaws were sore but his hole was prepped. Mikey stuck it in, and it really just slid right up in there. No loosening up for this young whore! He was literally just ready to go to the races.

Mikey and I spitroasted him, then Dakota rode him, and then we spitroasted him some more. The fucking was intense, and it was fun to see the expressions on Dakota's face. Although the sensation of having two dicks was new to him, he obviously loved it, and his hole felt so good that Mikey busted a massive load up inside him. Dakota let all that jizz drip out (or at least most of it), and then I felched him and snowballed Mikey's cum into Dakota's mouth. I then
took the opportunity to bang him one more time, using what was left of Mikey's cum as lube. I came inside him, too, so it turns out our boy got double bred that afternoon. Nothing as fun as a super-willing cock hungry teen to play with! It was superb.

Categories: *Teen Fucktoy Project*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, Felching, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Rimming, Snowball, Spitroast, Teen / Twink, Threesome / 3-Way
Details: 38 min
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Photo of Dakota Lovell
Dakota Lovell
Photo of Mikey Allens
Mikey Allens

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