Breeding Cole's Virgin Hole

Photo of Breeding Cole's Virgin Hole
Photo of Breeding Cole's Virgin Hole

After meeting Cole Church in person for the first time, you can imagine how eager I was to get to that hole of his. He had definitely progressed nicely, from getting and giving a handjob, and then on to fucking a dude. Cole is a particularly good looking young man, with such a sexy vibe. I was horny as fuck just being in the same room with him! I finally talked him into messing around on a more intimate level with me, and got the cameras set up for his de-flowering. Yet even up to five minutes beforehand, he was having second thoughts. I was thinking to myself that I'd better hurry up before he changed his mind completely. Lucky for me, I was able to get him on the bed and undressed in no time.

He's not a shy guy, but you can tell how extremely nervous he is in the video. He even admits to it. I suppose any young straight guy would be nervous, though, especially with a creeper like me about to fuck his pretty little fuck canal. I eased him into it with some oral action, but I couldn't stay away from his ass. My tongue was savoring every second of rimming his beautiful button, to be sure! I did need to move on, however, because I was eager to see how he would do at sucking my cock. He used some teeth, but overall, OK. I fucking loved it when he was stroking my cock and using his tongue on my shaft. This boy has a lot to learn, but once he's trained I think he'll be one of the best.

When it came time for me to take his V-card, I ate him out some more, lubed up my dick, and slowly stuck it in. Now, Cole, who by the way had been rock hard this entire time - kept his hard on while I loosened him up. I was fairly surprised by this, since most guys lose it at this point, if not earlier. Cole, though, had a raging boner as my pole shoved deeper and deeper inside of him. I got him loosened up in missionary and then he rode me while I cupped his beautiful cheeks. I could tell, though, that his ass was getting sore.

I stopped for a minute and stroked his cock, giving his ass a break. I didn't want his first experience to be that bad, because I definitely want him to be one of my regulars! We kissed a little as I stroked him, and then I decided it was time to finish. I couldn't wait to breed this sexy fucker. I warned him that this would be the worst of it, and I lubed up again and began fucking him proper. It was at this point that Cole started jerking furiously and began cumming. This guy produced a LOT of spunk while I was railing his hole! It turned me on so much that I immediately came inside of him. Fuck, it was definitely one of the best fucks of the year for me. I love those nervous virgins, but Cole is a whole other level of awesomeness.

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Details: 41 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Cole Church
Cole Church

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