Lord Knows He Tries

Photo of Lord Knows He Tries
Photo of Lord Knows He Tries

I found this guy online, or rather he found me. He lived about 40 minutes away, had his own car, and told me he was just eager to make some money. When I told him that a pre-condition of him coming over was that he would be getting fucked, he hesitated. Via text messages, he then went on to explain that he had never done anything with a dude, and that he was straight just looking for some extra income. He wasn't particularly my type, so I just told him, "tough luck." Well, as is often the case, his tune changed and we set up a date.

When he showed up, he was exactly what I was expecting from his photos, except that he was much more of the Jersey Shore type than I had in mind. He was nervous as hell, but also well-mannered and polite. It was obvious that he was bound and determined to go through with this. I was excited. He seemed to me like the type of guy who would hang out in a mom and pop gym for hours shooting the shit with his buddies, and then go out for a loaded pizza and pitcher of beer. Definitely not the kind of guy who you'd think would be getting fucked for money, although at the same time, he was exactly that guy. Hard to explain.

Well, since he was obviously a bundle of nerves, I thought we'd start out with some massages, both for him and for me. Instead of calming him down, I think it made him more nervous. And finally, once the clothes were off and I had him grab my dick, you'd have thought he was grabbing onto a titanium tube that had fallen from outer space. The entire vibe was just so foreign to him. It was cute.

Of course, since he was a butt virgin, I ate his hole out. He has a Florida beach tan and a big nice round white ass, and I enjoyed grabbing his cheeks and going down on his 22 year old virgin ass. It was sweet indeed. Then we began the process of taking away his butt virginity. He was tight to be sure, but at the same time, he didn't seem to be in a rush. He was very interested in giving me what I wanted.

Although like a lot of virgins, it was tough going (even with lots of lube), I still managed to fuck him and when his hole had had enough, I pulled out and dropped my creamy load onto his swollen rose. He has a big tattoo across his upper chest that says, "Lord Knows I Try." And gosh darnit, he sure did try!

Funny post-script. I didn't see him again, but months later, he was driving further South and was on the freeway close to my place. He texted me letting me know where he was, and asking if I wanted some free dome. I chuckled, and I wondered had he done it with anyone else since me, or was he just using our session memory as a personal spank bank all those months.

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