This Cum Dump Seems To Like It

Photo of This Cum Dump Seems To Like It
Photo of This Cum Dump Seems To Like It

It's so hard deciding which one of these whores is my absolute favorite of all time, but I'd have to say that Danny is in the running. Not only is he all about business - which I greatly appreciate - he also is respectful and surprisingly well mannered for a whore. He is always deferential when asking for some time, and he is grateful for the opportunity. He doesn't bitch and moan like a lot of the guys.

This vid is from one of the first times I fucked him. I was so excited to have him over that I made sure there were cameras in every single room, including the bathroom. Got some interesting footage in there, but it made me laugh seeing him counting his money on the bathroom counter. I mean, it wouldn't have bothered me had he done it in front of me (most guys do), but whatever. It's kind of cute.

Even though I know he has a girlfriend and usually is under some sort of female pressure to get home, he doesn't rush me. In this case, we started out with me giving him a nice massage, because he seemed a little up-tight. Then I just had to go for his hole. Eating Danny out is like having a plate of warm peach cobbler on a late summer's evening. That ass tastes so good I barely wanted to stop digging my tongue in there. Alas, things moved on. He gives some pretty good dome for a straight guy, and I appreciated every second of it. It almost seemed like he was trying to get me to cum. I would definitely have liked that, but I was saving my load for another spot.

When he finally sat on my cock, it was fantastic. He took control of the loosening up process, which was nice, and it didn't take him long to get used to my thick cock. Once it was in, he made sure he fucked my cock good, too! He rode me, and then I rolled him over and fucked him in missionary. He stayed pretty damn hard throughout, which was extra hot. I think he secretly likes it.

Since there is nothing I like more than treating these "straight" guys like a total bitch, I pegged him from behind, wrapping my arms around him tightly and really slamming my cock deep inside. It was only at this point that he began to moan rather loudly. Hearing his guttural breathing as I fucked him bareback got me in the mood to nut, for sure! I thrusted with even long and deep strokes until I had planted all of my cum into him. It was one of the best orgasm's of the year. He hadn't cum yet, but he wanted to, so he rolled over and busted a nut while I rubbed his hot young body. This dude is definitely a keeper. Not only that, but he was out of the door five minutes later. No need to worry about small talk or any of that crap.

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Details: 44 min
Photo of Clay
Photo of Danny Luca
Danny Luca

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