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Creep Breeds Reluctant Vagabond
Clay, David Fly
Creep Breeds Reluctant Vagabond
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David Fly was a last minute find, and as soon as he committed to getting into the biz, I had him on a short plane flight to come "audition." He was polite and seemed eager, but he definitely was also guarded and a bit wary of the whole thing. Turns out, David has been on his own since he was much younger, and had developed a good amount of street smarts along the way. To hear him tell it, he really wandered around the country, sometimes alone, sometimes with a buddy. Whether he was couch hopping or living it out on the street, he must have seen a lot in his short young adult life. At the point I met him, he was shacked up with some chick, and he was eager to pay her rent. Thus the porn tryout. She didn't know, however.

Well, I figured that since he'd been quite the teenage wanderer, it wouldn't be too difficult to get a piece of ass from him. Mid way through the photos, I grabbed at his dick, and - without hesitation - he grabbed back at mine. Before long he was sucking my cock like he knew what he was doing. It was a damn good blowjob, too. David, in spite of his being straight, sure was obviously sexually flexible. I took it to the next leve by rimming his hole. Now, David is a very tall guy. Big feet, long legs, the whole shebang. And his ass has a little jiggle, and gave me something to grab onto while I buried my face in his pucker. It tasted good, like street ass should. After I got my appetite wet, I stuck my cock in him.

He has probably been fucked a few times before, but I wouldn't say that it was second nature to him. He's also so tall it was difficult to get a good position going at first on the couch. But eventually, it all worked out, and I was sliding my bare cock deep inside his hole, working my way up to a great orgasm. His little dick didn't get a chub the entire time, and I attribute that to his nerves. Even while getting pounded, I think that the only thing he was thinking about was that his girl would never see him doing anything so gay as getting fucked by an old creeper. Well, that and the dough. I kinda got off on his reluctance schtick, and pretty soon I'd dumped a fat wad of jizz into his big vagabond booty hole. Not bad for a day's work, I must say.
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