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Mikey Likes It Up The Butt
Mikey Likes It Up The Butt
Meeting Mikey for the first time, I was struck by how pleasant and happy he seemed. His smile was beaming, and he seemed to me one of the most carefree young men I had met in a while. With the hair and clothing, he definitely has a skater vibe, which suits his attitude in general. That said, he's far from an irresponsible slouch. Mikey seems to be one of the most responsible guys I've met this year, actually, and his interest in getting into the porn biz was in earnest. He and his girl have a wild private life, apparently, and based on his open-mindedness for toys and other kinks, doing porn wasn't a far fetch. At any rate, I was glad to get him on my couch, because this guy is a stupendous fuck. After snapping a few photos - during which I had him get undressed - I asked him to work up his dick. Let me tell you, this did not take long. His dick is rock hard and fairly long, and I couldn't wait to grab onto it for a good feel. When I did, his expression sort of went blank, which I guess is when it really hit him what was going on. Well, he got the gist and went with the flow, because not too long after he was sucking on my cock. It was good, too, especially for someone as inexperienced in cock-sucking as he. I was definitely worked up, and he stayed excited as well, so it wasn't a big surprise that when I stuck my tongue in his hole he let out a moan of pleasure. You see, almost all of these guys are nervous or weirded out by this sort of thing, but Mikey has an ability to let it slide off quickly and just enjoy the ride. Enjoy the ride he did, too! After a good tongueing, I stood up and lubed my cock up. As I slid it into his hole, I could already tell that this was going to be an excellent fuck. I fucked him doggie for quite a while, enjoying his nice ass cheeks bouncing and straight boyhole stretched. He kept his hard-on, too. When I layed him down on the couch and really started some deep penetration, he was jerking himself, and I couldn't believe how much he liked it. Not everyone enjoys their first time getting fucked by another guy, and a lot of them - even when they enjoy it - act like they don't. But Mikey wasn't embarrassed by his arousal. When I asked him if he could cum while I was fucking him, he told me he could, so I fucked him until he jizzed. Once he did, I stroked my cock a bit to let him enjoy his orgasm, and then I lit into him hard and deep until I bred him. You never know with these casting sessions how exactly it's going to go, but I have to say this was one of the best in a long time. Mikey's sucking is decent, and his hole is divine. I'm glad I got to help him get into some serious man-sex.
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