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Cum For Daddy
Clay, Peter Quillen, Rick Hazard
Cum For Daddy
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This fuck scene is great on two fronts. One, I hadn't seen Rick Hazard in years. I thought that I would never see him again, and I thought perhaps after his experiences a few years ago, he simply didn't want to come back for a visit because he didn't want to have gay sex anymore. You see, the first time I met Rick, he was still in high school and had just turned 18. This old geezer was so excited to have some fresh teen ass in the place that Rick got fucked quite a bit in just a few days time. His poor hole was blown out for sure. He used the moolah I gave him to buy a surfboard and a new tattoo, and then I put him on a plane and never heard from him again... until a month or so ago. It turns out that he is shacked up with a girl, and he has a kid now. He had lost my number, and changed his number, so it took him quite a while to figure out how to get back in touch. Well, I was eager to see how my boy had grown over the past few years. Turns out, his cock is harder than ever! Maybe all that pussy got him craving some man hole. Who knows?

Peter, on the other hand, I just met him at the same time that Rick came down. Although Rick might not have gotten fucked in a few years, Peter had never been fucked. Of course, we took care of that pretty quickly. In just a few short days I made sure Peter got fucked as much as his poor little hole would allow. In this scene, it's not Peter's first time, but it is all within 24 hours of his cherry getting popped, and my goal was to get his hole gaping wide, and also to get him to cum while a man was fucking him.

Thankfully, I got to see both of my dreams for Peter come true. Rick and I took turns fucking his swollen hole, and I got to eat that tender ass out. Some excellent cock sucking, too! But the highlight was that Peter was rock hard while he was getting plowed, and with a little help, he was able to cum - quite a bit - for me! After he had cum, I'm sure his hole was tired. We rolled him over and exposed a nice, long lasting gape. I even joked that it kind of looked like a volcano that they used to sacrifice virgins into. Well, virgins are hard to find at my place - or they don't stay virgins for long!
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