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Clay, Malachi Rayne, Mikey Allens
They Love It Raw
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Malachi Rayne and Mikey Allens have become two of my favorite boy toys, and for good reason. Let me tell you, I was itching to get back together with both of them after the lockdown, and once I was able, they were at my place for a really fun romp. It wasn't just a one way street, either. Malachi in particular was eager to have some fun and make some dough. Mikey - well he is always ready for a good time no matter what. It turned into an epic threeway for sure.

I watched as Mikey and Malachi made out, and soon I joined in on the action. They were both rock hard aa few seconds after making out, which for two 'straight' boys, is kinda hot. I was glad to see hard dicks all around, because that meant that there would be more than enough fucking. Both of them like to fuck, and Malachi in particular also seems to enjoy a good dick up his ass. Well, dick up his ass is exactly what he got. Actually, both of them got it. Me and Mikey started off by fucking Malachi, and pretty soon the tables were turned, and Mikey was being spitroasted. Huge turn on being able to be with two dudes who just seem like they are having the time of their lives just barebacking some ass. These two are real people pleasers.

As we kept switching things up and getting into different positions, the boys were working up a sweat. For a grand finally I thought I'd see if Malachi could fuck the cum out of Mikey. They got on their side, and as Malachi was fucking Mikey, it ocurred to me that I might be able to stick my dick into Malachi's sweet teenage hole while he was still pounding away. Well, needless to say, it worked! We were sandwich fucking with Malachi in the middle, and we got into a groove that must have made all three of us so exicted, because after a few minutes of that, we all three busted a nut in turn. Mikey came first while Malachi was drilling him, and as Mikey got up to shove his dick in Malachi's mouth (in order to suck the remaining jizz out), Malachi began getting close. As I was pounding away, Malachi's moans got louder and more intense, and I grabbed a tighter hold onto that tight gym body of his. While making out with Mikey, he shot a massive load at the exact same time that I bred his ass with a huge load. Talk about a hot fuck!
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